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TGA Seeks Industry Advice On Advertising Reforms

TGA Seeks Industry Advice On Advertising Reforms

9th Dec 16

Summary —

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is seeking dental industry feedback on the appropriate body or bodies for the handling of complaints under a new complaints-management system for therapeutic goods advertisements directed to the public, and other recommended reforms to the advertising regulatory framework.

Key Issues For The Dental Industry —

The Australian Government has agreed to simplify the processes by which the advertising of therapeutic goods to the public is regulated. This includes the process for managing complaints about therapeutic goods advertisements directed to the public.

This consultation was established following a range of recommendations issued by the Expert Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation in October 2014. Following a strong advocacy campaign, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has endorsed the Australian Government’s adoption of the recommendations from the review panel as lightening the regulatory burden on the dental industry.

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The regulatory framework for advertising therapeutic goods

The Panel's recommendations aim to simplify the advertising regulatory framework by:

  1. Ceasing pre-approval of advertisements in favour of a more self-regulatory regime.
  2. Implementing a more transparent and efficient complaints management process.
  3. Establishing greater consistency across regulation of advertising of different types of therapeutic goods.
  4. Implementing a formal education program for industry to encourage compliance.
  5. Broadening and enhancing the Therapeutic Goods Administration's investigation and enforcement powers.

The Australian Government has agreed that the current mechanisms for managing complaints about therapeutic goods advertising should be disbanded and a new mechanism established with a single agency responsible for receiving and managing complaints. The Government has suggested this agency could be established within the TGA, another government agency, or an external organisation.

To ensure that ADIA is able to make detailed representations on behalf of dental product manufacturers and suppliers, the advice of member businesses is sought and should be submitted via email to not later than 16 December 2017. Your comments will be used to help frame ADIA’s response to this TGA consultation.

Member engagement —

Employees of ADIA member businesses come together under the auspices of the ADIA-DRC Dental Regulation Committee to review opportunities to strengthen the regulatory framework for the manufacturer and supply of dental products and provide advice and guidance to ADIA staff responsible for policy advocacy.  Members are able to receive updates at the ADIA State Branch Briefings held each quarter.

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